Vescom is a national security guard and janitorial service provider possessing almost 30 years of experience. Vescom specializes in adapting to our customer's specific needs by offering a range of other services coupled with security as well as a personalized Standard Operating Procedure. As one of country's largest privately owned security guard companies, Vescom is able to offer contract industrial security and janitorial services that are highly reliable and cost-effective, yet carefully customized for each plant or facility. We understand your company means the world to you, and we want to protect it.

Secure Your Industry

Vescom protects many different industries. We know that your company means the world to you and we want to protect it.

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Save Money with our Value Added Services

By offering a wide range of Value Added Services, we can save our clients' money and time by cross training our guards in multiple fields.

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Put Trust Back Into Your Service Provider

To ensure our customer's total satisfaction, our clients can log into a secure server and track our personnel on duty with GPS. Never worry about what is happening when you leave again!

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